Volunteer Guidelines

This Is The FUN Place for Everyone...Everyday!

Volunteering is a very rewarding and fun way to help keep the pioneer spirit alive. Our volunteers help to give tours of the homes, take care of the gardens, demonstrate pioneer skills, and bring the village to life.

Our guidelines for volunteers include:

  • ;Volunteers must be 16 or older to volunteer. Those younger who wish to volunteer must come with an adult, who volunteers with them.
  • ;Families will be assigned to the same home. Adult pioneers are responsible for making sure their children are behaving in a manner that adds to, not detracts from, the image and spirit in which we are advertising our guests will find.
  • ;All pioneers are expected to participate in portraying, to our guests, the Pioneer Spirit. This includes, but not limited to, giving tours, dress and speech, activities, games, chores, and cleanliness.
  • ;Courteous and welcoming attitudes to our guests is expected from all pioneers at This Is The Place.
  • ;Young volunteers are encouraged to participate in the activities at their site or prescribed for the day. i.e. school, games, chores.
  • ;Time commitment is a minimum of 32 hours (8 shifts) during our Summer season. (Memorial Day to Labor Day.)

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  • Little boy volunteers at This Is The Place
  • Mom and daughter volunteer at This Is The Place Heritage Park

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