Haunted Village

2014: October 11-31 (Wednesday - Saturday), evenings
  • ;$20 per person
  • ;Ticket sales begin at 6:30 pm. Gates open at 7:30 pm
  • ;Last tickets sold at 10:00 pm (Weeknights) and 11:00 pm (Friday-Saturday)

There are a few haunted houses around, but only one Haunted Village! The most anticipated haunting of the season is at This Is The Place Heritage Park...where you can experience an entire village of hair raising haunts! Ghost hunters say the place really is haunted, but why take their word for it? All the itchy fingers are waiting for you...in the dark of the park.

Throughout October our creepy houses, shadowy streets, and assorted spooks will give you a skin crawling, goose bump filled haunting experience!

This Is The Scary Place For Everyone and a haunting you'll never forget! Bring your friends and join us for a goose-bump filled haunting experience!

  • Witch sitting at cauldron during Haunted Village
  • Haunted Village scarers
  • Cemetery at Haunted Village
  • Haunted Village scarer
  • Haunted Village ghost
  • Haunted Village scarers
  • Crowds waiting to enter Haunted Village
  • Crowds waiting to enter Haunted Village
  • Decorations at Haunted Village


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