Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel, sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop, has been used for health and healing by generations of various Native Americans, as well as other cultures worldwide. It embodies the Four Directions, Father Sky and Mother Earth.

Movement of the Medicine Wheel is circular and in a “sun-wise” direction. This helps align with the forces of nature such as the rising and setting of the sun. There are many different interpretations of the Medicine Wheel and each tribe has their own. The central uniting theme is to attain Harmony and Balance, living a good life.

Each of the Four Directions are represented by a distinctive color and within each color are the Elements of Nature, Animals, Ceremonial Plants, and Aspects of life. Hand painted by artist Michelle Hallberg.



Yellow Direction (East)

  • Eagle - The Divine Spirit, Creation, Freedom, Wisdom
  • Tobacco - Healing, Peace, Purification
  • Fire - Transformational, Purifying, Creativity, Strength
  • Sun - Life giver, Warmth, Growth, All that is good and well


Red Direction (South)

  • Wolf - Intelligence, Leadership, Direction
  • Sweetgrass - Positivity, Strength, Connection to the Creator and Mother Earth
  • Water - Regeneration, Renewal, Cleansing, Dreaming
  • Feather - Honor, Prayer, Ceremonial




Black Direction (West)

  • Buffalo - The Sacred, Life, Great Strength, Abundance, Gratitude
  • Sage - Immortality, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Healing
  • Earth - Prosperity, Orderliness, Nourishment, Intuition
  • Morning Star - Renewal of tradition, Resurrection of the heroes of the past, Brightest start in the dawn


White Direction (North)

  • }Bear - Courage, Physical Strength, Leadership
  • }Cedar - Cleansing, Protection, Prosperity, Healing
  • }Air - Breath of Life, Communication, Intelligence, Learning
  • }Yeii - Spirit who mediates between humans and the Great Spirit