One of the highlights of your visit to the Park will be a ride on one of our three historic replica trains! Unlimited train rides are included in your admission and so jumping on board the train is a great way to get around to all the fun activities and to also find fantastic vistas for photographing your visit.

The 119, Jupiter and the Blackhawk take guests around the Village as the conductor narrates the story of the settlement of the West. You'll learn so much about many of the iconic structures, landmarks and history of the Salt Lake valley. From the first whistle and call to "All Aboard" to the end of the journey, passengers of all ages love a train ride through the Park.

We also have a Mini Train and it is a favorite of young and old. It carves a wide circular path around Settlers Pond and in addition to the chug chug of the engine you'll hear plenty of squeals and laughter mixed in! A ride on the Mini Train will put a smile on everyone's face! And that beautiful pond inside the train track? It's more than a body of shimmering water. Its source is a natural spring that irrigates the crops you'll notice behind many of the homes and it also provides water for our animals. In the early spring Settlers Pond is filled with geese returning to their home in the Park.

On a historical note, one of the greatest achievements in American transportation history occurred at Promontory Point Utah, on May 10, 1869. That was the day when the tracks being laid from the East met those coming from the West, and two engines, the Union Pacific's 119 and the Central Pacific's Jupiter came together in the midst of a great celebration. In 2007, replicas of these two trains joined This Is The Place Heritage Park. The Blackhawk followed them in 2009. In addition to commemorating the historical achievement of East meets West, they help guests enjoy all the Park has to offer. Without them many guests would not be able to walk the distances and grade required to see the entire Village.