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We loved having our ring exchange and wedding reception at This is the Place! The staff were friendly, easy to communicate with, and responsive to our wishes. It was the best night of our life, in part because of the limited stress we experienced! This is The Place was a dream to work with!
— Katie

Awesome venue, great staff... I would have our wedding in this location any time of year!
— Courtney

We had our luncheon/reception at the Atkins house within the park. I absolutely loved it! It was a dream! The staff was very helpful and we were given so much freedom to create the evening we wanted. I highly recommend it.
— Jalielle

This was just a perfect place for my daughter’s wedding. Plenty of parking and a beautiful atmosphere. Would book it again.
— Larry

Such wonderful people to work with both prior to and on our event date. They truly made our wedding/reception memorable!
— Lisa

Everything went smoothly and the staff was very friendly. I love This is the Place and I will definitely continue to do business with them in the future.
— Michelle

Thank you - once again we are very happy with everything!!
— Elaine

I couldn’t be happier with the services provide by this is the place. It was excellent in every way.
— Melissa

We had our wedding at the Brigham Young House at This Is The Place Heritage Park. The weather was perfect, the people all showed up, and to make it better, the Park did everything they could to make sure our night was perfect!
— Andy
Everyone was so helpful, happy to answer my millions of questions and made it easy for my cake and flower ladies to deliver early. I so appreciated everything This is the Place did to make my wedding day absolutely flawless. I’d recommend them to any and every one!
— Sarah

The venue itself was so perfect for us. The ambiance was amazing. The view was spectacular. The staff did their very best to make everything just what we wanted and were always kind and polite. I have four daughters and wished we could have discovered this before using it for the last reception. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
— Phyllis