How lucky we are that the leaders of our state had the vision to set aside the land and provide the plans to remember and honor the pioneer heritage of Utah's beginnings. This Is The Place Heritage Park has evolved into the finest heritage park in the nation.

The quality of our Park is a result of the efforts and contributions of many. This year the Park will host a record attendance of over 300,000. It is the place for family fun and provides and inspirational experience for all visitors.

However, the progress and improvements of the Park have not come without cost. Much of this progress and most of the improvements have been funded by donations from good people and organizations who care about keeping our important story alive. 

This year our State legislature will provide 20% of our budget, and our earned income from all sources will produce 60% of our required funding. We still must obtain 20% of our needs from donors.

Please consider donating to help us continue to maintain the legacy of our pioneer heritage and improve the Park. Every little bit helps!

Thank you.

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