John Gardiner Cabin

  • Built in Pleasant Grove, Utah 1864
  • Relocated in 1979

John Gardiner and his wife Harriet Dyer built this one-room 13 foot by 22 foot cabin in Pleasant Grove, Utah. In 1883, John took a second wife, Annie Nichols, with whom he had ten children - seven boys and three girls. A lean-to of rock and adobe was added to accommodate the children of the second marriage, as was the loft, which is accessible only by an outside ladder. Along with this log cabin, the family eventually built three more buildings and a chicken coop on their home site to accompany their ten acres of farm land. This cabin represents the humble economic status of many new immigrants who could bring very few furnishings and personal belongings with them to Utah.


Did you know?

The Gardiners traveled to Utah with the John D. Chase Company in 1864. This company was the first to go through the port city Wyoming, Nebraska Territory, located on the west bank of the Missouri River about 40 miles south of Omaha. It served as an outfitting post for Mormon pioneers heading west from 1864-1866.